Family house

The customers fell in love with solid oak wood in natural shades. Therefore, when they set about reconstructing their new house, we used this type of wood to build most of the products. Originally, the floors in the entire ground-level living space had tiling. We covered it with three layers of oak flooring, replaced the old kitchen which failed to meet the owners’ standards both in terms of layout and materials, and built other furnishing to help the customers create the interior of their dreams.

About us in customer´s words

We’ve been working with the joiner’s shop Vraňan for a couple of years. Over that time, they’ve made our kitchen including the dining table and bench, staircase cladding, fitted wardrobe, terrace decking, and other interior furnishing. All delivered commissions were above-standard in terms of quality, and the deadlines were always met, as was the negotiated price. What makes this joiner’s shop exceptional, in my opinion, is the ability of its workers to help with the proposal, design, and component selection. As customers – i.e. laymen – we aren’t exactly knowledgeable in the infinite range of materials, ironwork, and accessories that are on offer. Thanks to the expertise and recommendations of everyone involved, we quickly arrived at the resulting execution of our vague ideas. Personal approach, high quality, and expertise are the reasons why we recommend this joiner’s shop to all our friends.

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