Family house interior

The customers approached us with the offer to create the interior of this house based on the recommendation from their acquaintances. At first, the commission seemed simple enough – “let’s do the kitchen and then we’ll see”. In the end, it turned out to be one of the most beautiful examples that our joiner’s shop prides itself on. The owners knew what they wanted from the start, and we quickly and easily identified with their ideas. Apart from the above mentioned kitchen, we made basically all of the custom-built furniture that can be found in the house – the interior doors, dining and coffee table, library, bathroom furniture, vestibule, storage space in the rooms, bedroom, and outside terrace. Brushed whitened oak – both solid wood and veneer – was the main material used in the entire house. Some pieces are sprayed with colour.

About us in customer´s words

The company was recommended to us, and we can recommend it to, just as enthusiastically, if not more. Choosing the joiner’s shop of Mr. Vraňan to provide the entirety of the interior furnishing – doors, putting down floors, building furniture for all rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, furnishing the walk-in closet, or putting down the terrace – was honestly one of the best decisions we made during the construction process. Working with Mr. Vraňan was great. He coordinated some of our proposals in terms of technology and enriched some of our decisions with the practical views and experience he gained from other commissions. All of the company’s workers are very nice and helpful; they never left the place messy, and most importantly never missed any deadline we agreed on. The final reason why we gladly recommend this company to all our friends is the quality of execution. We’re completely satisfied with absolutely everything. The house has an excellent feel; we trust this is due to the environment Mr. Vraňan and his company helped us create. For that, we’re incredibly grateful

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