Joinery Antonín Vraňan - Joinery is a Craft

Joinery is a Craft

We are engaged in the custom manufacture
of furniture and outdoor wooden elements.

Interior furniture made of solid wood, laminate and veneer

Your life can be enhanced in many ways. Your own residence, a big change in the interior or a new dream kitchen are all things to make your life more pleasant. Contact us with your requests for a kitchen, as well as stairs, built-in or bathroom furniture, study, library, children’s room, etc.

Wooden elements for the exterior from exotic trees

Sit comfortably on your terrace. Walk barefoot beside the swimming pool. Or make an impression on your customers before they enter. Wood is a feature to add interest to the exterior of your home or business premises. We would be happy to make a wooden pergola, terrace, jetty, or any other item.

How we work

Take a look at what has already been made in our workshop